The safety and resistance concerns of long term anti-inflammatory and antibiotic use are well known. Combination medications such as steroids, non-steroidals and tetracyclines have complex side-effects, and are not safe for long-term use.  Consequently, medical research now invests heavily in looking for safe and effective alternatives to these medications.

Oculocin is one such alternative.  This natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial comprises propolis, camomile and aloe vera; three ingredients well documented for their positive effects on skin. Oculocin, is also very safe for long-term use in dry eye treatment, with no known significant side effects.  Importantly, Oculocin is also unpreserved.

Most patients notice the soothing effects of Oculocin instantly, and many experience on-going comfort throughout the day, with just a few drops. In the first six months since its introduction in Australia, I have been very impressed with Oculocin and continue to expand its use for our patients and within our clinic.

Dr Nicholas Young, BSc (Hons), BOptom, PhD (Med), PGCertOcTher.

Dry Eye Centre, Heathmont Victoria.


We used to use anti-inflammatories and antibiotics a lot in treating dry eye, but they cause a lot of unwanted side-effects and are simply not safe for long-term use.  Of course, as we know, bacterial resistance is a big concern in health care and scientists are looking at various ways to combat this problem.

Oculocin is one of these alternatives.  It’s got three excellent natural anti-inflammatory ingredients; propolis, camomile and aloe vera.  We all know about camomile and aloe vera, but propolis is especially interesting because it’s also anti-microbial.  Oculocin, is also very safe for long-term use. It doesn’t have any significant side effects and it’s even unpreserved.

We find most patients notice the soothing effects of Oculocin almost instantly, and many get comfort  throughout the day with just a few drops. Overall, I’m very impressed with Oculocin. Our patients like it and it’s safe and effective.

Dr Nicholas Young, BSc (Hons), BOptom, PhD (Med), PGCertOcTher.

Dry Eye Centre, Heathmont Victoria.

Oculocin Propo Testimonial

Oculocin Propo provides a natural, preservative free option for supporting and treating the ocular surface. I have achieved outstanding results with patients suffering from chronic dry eye, where they feel their eyes are more comfortable, lubricated and ‘relieved’. Furthermore, I have also been able to correlate these results with improved tear film quality and surface staining during examination. This is another effective tool that should be considered in the complex battle against ocular surface disease.

– Shonit Jagmohan, Optometrist BOptom (Hons), Ophthalmic Medicines Prescriber, Orthokeratologist

Member of the Public

My children are constantly getting conjunctivitis &my doctor has prescribed various antibiotics which seem to work for a short while, then the conjunctivitis reoccurs.
Finally I discovered a natural eye drop that treats conjunctivitis and I am pleased to say, this has worked on my children and ever since I have used, it has cleared up the conjunctivitis

Thanks goodness I discovered Oculocin Propo.

I recommend you try it if either you or a family member suffers from conjunctivitis

Kim Sbisa-Victoria Australia